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Hopkin (noun): Australian for longboards

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How to longboard

The start of our series on learning to longboard

The first article is the basics = Push. Carve. Stop. It is a good starting place and we hope it encourages more people to take up longboarding. We will be adding more sections, including advanced skating, so watch this space.

The missing manual

Did you get a manual or instructions with your new longboard? No, either did we, so we decide to make one.

It is a work in progress but we have started, here it is

Buyers Guide

We have had a buyers guide for a long time, but it's time to cater for a wider audience.

First article is Buying your first longboard

Parent's Guide

If you are a parent and one of your children is a longboarder or skateboarder then these are the pages for you. We have started a Parent's guide

Currently we have articles on helmet safety, do longboarders need slide gloves, how to get involved and a parents buyers guide

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$20 dollar range:

Every skater should clean their bearings, makes them last longer and skate faster! Bones cleaning kit for $16.99 is the solution. Don't forget the lube. After you clean bearings, oil needs to be reapplied. Speed Cream is the choice of champions.

$50 dollar range:

Need new bearings? Our number one seller is Bones Reds. Why not step it up with a set of Super Reds

$80 dollar range:

The Paris 180 Kody trucks for only $85 a set.  Freeride wheels to slide for: Takawan 73mm 82a  or bearings to make your friends green with envy: Red Ceramics

Half price Slide Glove Sale

BHNC freeride gloves $34.99

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