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Hopshop newsletter No 30, 2010

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need for speed

With Malarrara Pro Teutonia creeping up in the calendar, it is all about speed at the moment. Teutonia is the fastest race in the world, and Marcus will be setting up the speed trap again. Mischo Erban jumped the gun with a new world record, picked up by The Age yesterday (thanks to Fiona at Draggin Jeans for telling me that). Even ESPN did an article.
Dalua not to be out gunned, just recorded this in Brazil. If it looks unreal, it is because it is. Even filming with Canon 7D camera, he was going too fast, so they had to slow the footage down!!

N-tense D-cents NZ Sk8 tour 2010
Hopkin Racing is a sponsor for this event. Where else do you get drivin around to skate some of the best mountains in the world? AU vs NZ exchange is good, dont let the New Zealanders have all the fun,
More info over at Need Not Ollie

A discussion on ASRA about protecting your longboard with a nose guard

Ever wanted to skate from Bondi to Opera House? How about in a race?
Sydney City Bomb Squad presents the 2010 Canonball Run
Outlawed for your entertainment!!!
Here is the event page
Too scared? Might get in trouble? Mum wont let you go? What would the wife day? NO EXCUSE.
You dont have to compete, why not come along for the fun, cheer on the skaters on Oxford Street or at the Opera House.
For all the short board skateboarders...move along to the skatepark, nothing to see here.

Did you see the fan photos at the skate house?

Broadway Bomb has been run and won, you can still check out the website. Watch the video below or on the website, is this future of the Sydney Canonball Run?

5th November Queensland people, dont forget this one - History of Brisbane Skateboarding and dont forget to take your longboard...to reminded them that skateboarding is history.

Hopshop News
our gentle product advertisments

Rayne stock has arrived and there are a heap of stoked skaters out there with new gear. Thursday was mayhem in the shop. Robbo gripped so many boards he no longer has fingerprints, or skin on his fingers!!!
Avengers, Hellcats and Demonseeds are now all sold.
We still have stock of Vendetta, Nemesis, Timeline, Hustler, Killswitch and Isis.
It is all limited stock, I think most of the Rayne boards that arrived in Australia have been sent out to the skateshops, so I can not replace the stock anytime soon.

Landyachtz stock should leave Canada on Monday. So think Melbourne Cup. When you see the horses going around Flemington, it should remind you that there is Landyachtz decks in the Hopshop!

New Loaded product should be here on 1st November. No Bhangra's but plenty of Leather Race gloves in both sizes.

What should be in stock next week?
I'm thinking Paris Trucks will be here.
A small supply of Sayshun, nothing like what we expected.
And hopefully a bit of Comet.

This week's fav vids
time wasting starts now

This Is Push Culture - Broadway Bomb

One of the best skate crash reels I have seen this year
Another one of Morro Bay Skate Cross

Bricin had a link for me to a classic Landyachtz video, can not find it now, how about this one:
Evolutions 2006

Bloodboarding - A Longboard Terror Movie

From our friends at Bean Pole: go the aussies!!!
Longboarding: Yellow .

Pat Schep showing us the Earthwing Belly Racer.
Racing in the Sun

Sector 9
Soldiers of Downhill 2010: Sector 9 Edition

rad Oregon skatepark vid
Sector 9 Team in Oregon 2010

A few randoms
A Weetbix ad from New Zealand

Only watch this for the hippy jump fail at the end

We need more girls longboarding
and there is a history

Girls longboarding and skating is nothing new. There is a history of Girls skateboarding

Time to stand on these women's shoulders and scream I can do anything!!!!

Mathematically, longboarding makes no sense, how do you measure your soul?
Longboard Philosopher

Thanks for reading,

No 30, 2010

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