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Hopshop newsletter No 28, 2010

Special Newsletter
an interruption to the normal broadcast

This week it is a quick newsletter to promote two events this weekend.
They are the Skate Australia movie and Canberra Conehead Cup.

A quick note on product updates.
Landaychtz stock will be in the Hopshop on Tuesday. We will have almost everything but the popular boards in limited stock (9-2-5 and switch).
There will be HEAPS of the new Grizzly Truck (yes it has been modified again!!).
Zombies are back and the new Loaded yellow 4prez and inHeat will also be here.
No word on Sayshun. Tunnel and Holesum should also be here next week. Look out for that one.

Skate Australia
it will blow you away

This movie is simply awesome. I have had a few sneak peaks at the rough edits and everytime the movie it gets better and better.
Do yourself a favour and buy this DVD. We will have it on sale on Monday.
For all the details, read my blog post today.

If you are in Canberra or Queensland, please see the blog for all the premiere screenings times.

Canberra CHC
Bomb the Capital

If you live in Canberra, dont miss this weekend of events.
I have outline on the blog the events, dates, times and how to get there.
You have no excuse!!

We need more girls longboarding
and it is for a good cause

There is no videos this week, but I have a rad girls news story
The Ladies of Longboarding have put together a calendar to raise money for Cancer Research UK.
Some of the fastest girls on the planet are featured including Brianne and Dasha! See what creative things happen when we get our ladies longboarding.
Please support this good cause, we will be getting in the calendars for the Hopshop.
Remember it is just a bit of fun, and raising money for a good cause.

Teach a boy to skateboard he'll skate until he is a man. Teach a boy to longboard, he'll longboard forever!
The Longboard Philosopher

Thanks for reading,

No 28, 2010

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