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Hopshop Newsletter No 21, 2010

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a week of radness

On the blog this week, it has been one good story after another. I've listed them out in case you missed any.

Gabe kicked off the week with a run down of what the aussies have been up to:
Sheep Creek, alleys, Giants Head and Zombies

Jackson tells one of the stories of the year:
Loco Express to Sheep Creek - striker style

How rough were those roads at Sheep Creek?
Sheep Creek for speed freaks - a video from the skatehorde

A news article I forgot to post up about Danger Bay 9 Longboarders rip it up in Pender

Free Newton's Nation stickers anyone?

Gabe sends in a weather report and gives us his side of the story of the Loco Express to Sheep Creek:
Gabes Canadian rain report

Vernon this week, IGSA's only Canadian event, and I give a run down of what it is all about:
Vernon Downhill IGSA North American Championships

And keep an eye on the blog and twitter this weekend, we'll give you race updates on how the Aussies are doing as they get sent to me.

You have heard me talk about the car the Aussies are using in Canada - now we have photos:
Photos of Team Ozzies car in Canada - the gnar car

Conehead Cup 4
Australian slalom series

One of the fun weekends on the ASRA calendar, Melbourne slalom racing and skating two of Victoria's finest ditches. Springvale and Melton.
Checkout the event page for all the details.
Competitors and spectators welcome - ASRA is a friendly bunch of all ages
Here is the event schedule:
Friday night 6;30pm till late: Springvale Ditch
Centre Rd near Clive St
(it is a bit wet tonight so it could be Monash carpark session, keep an eye on event page)

Saturday lunchtime: Melton Monster Ditch
Bring food and water.

Sunday: Head-to-Head Slalom
Larkin Crt Essendon Airport
Set up starts at 10am, practice at 11am.
Racing starts at lunch and go through to 4pm.
This is a national slalom series, they will skate rain hail or shine.
We love spectators, and we love volunteers even more. Come along, meet the racers, and help pick up some cones.

This week's fav vids
gabe AOOA foot gold grab chico ditch duffy

Gabe finished his email the other day with, i'm going out the back alley do do some sliding. The next day Josh Weisfield and Gabe edit up a sweet video. Here it is a newsletter exclusive.
Alley shred

Belgian Filmakers, An Overdose Of Awesomeness, filmed some of the Cape Town racing last year, they just put it online, only 25 seconds worth but lots of crashes, high quality. If we get their views up, maybe they'll put more up.
High Rising Downhill Skateboarding South Africa

I like it one foot another mind messing video from the wild world of Loaded.

Rayne have pumped out an epic video on Gold Rush

Adam Auger, and Graeme Hystad show us how to Early Grab Like a Man

SkateSlate presents Chico Steezefest 2.0 - Part 1

Skate House Media does Ditch Slap 2010

The Eh Team, Yatesy's in there, go up to Duffy Lake
Duffy Lake Downhill Longboard Photo Shoot

We need more girls longboarding
Vernon 2009

In 2009 at Vernon Downhill there was an epic battle between Brianne and Katie
Brianne won, pulled away in the final straight, but it was a memorable battle with both girls not giving an inch, bumbing each other all the way down the hill.
IGSA captured these awesome photos of the final

I previewed the Vernon race on the blog today. If you want to put faces to women racers I have been talking about, click on their name links, it goes to a photo or their bio.

Hopkin Racing loves the women. We sponsored the women's race at Newton's in 2009, it was the richest womens race ever held. In 2010, we are doing it all again at Newtons Nation.
This year we are giving away even more money!!!

Anger is like gasoline. You can use it to blow stuff up, or you can use it to move yourself forward.
Derek Powazek

Thanks for reading,

No 21, 2010

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