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Hopshop Newsletter No 14, 2010

Aussie Aussie Aussie
rob rob rob

Rob McWinnie had a big win in Peru during the week, winning the Red Bull Downhill Night Session. There is a local TV video on the Hopkin Skate Blog.
We also posted up some awesome photos of the race, and a brief run down by Rob. At the bottom of the blog, there are some comments by some of the locals! Photos of Downhill Night Sessions

The Travelling Aussies
Who is on the tour this year?

Did you see the thread on ASRA? It was the roll call for Australian's touring North America and Europe this year for the race season.
Here is the updated list, who is going where. We plan on interviewing them all, bring you a small profile, where they will be posting, so you can follow all their results this year.

Jackson Shapiera - Canada, Europe
Rob McWinnie - South America, Europe
Gabe Gwynne - Brasil, Canada
Leigh Griffiths - Canada, USA
Michael Bowditch - Canada, USA
Merrick Wildash - Europe
Adam Yates - Canada, USA
Corey Leeson - Europe
Josh Evans - USA
Lance Evans - USA (it is on grom vs fossil!!)
Dani - he's in Europe, we assume he is racing - Dani?
Trav Horsfall- NZ

Anyone else??? I'll add you to the list. If you are on the list, expect an email or phone call. Start getting your photos and profiles together, the world wants to know who you are.

This week's fav vids
Malibu Malibu air slashin rock abbey ladies

The full length video is on the way, in the meantime wet your beak on the ...
Malibu Invitational Trailer

We have been waiting for the release of the Loaded Red film shoot. It is here, turn up your hi def
Red Shoot Malibu

Airflow Skateboards, the first brand we ever carried in the Hopshop, has put out a nice video more on the way
Breathing Swiss Air

North Side Slashin with the Jacko and Daddo brothers

Rock and Roll 2008
Can you spot all the Aussies?

Abbey Boardwalk Outlaw
Do you want more events in Australia? Step up and organise an outlaw at your local bike track. If you dont have one, find one, they are everywhere, and make rad events, and it grows the scene. I like mandarines.

We need more girls longboarding
Ladies night
New Zealand is taking their ladies out longboarding, where is the Aussie girl crew? I'll send an email to Tara this week.

Shred the Gnar
Trailer trash time

Sydney Crew, Hopshop die hards have pooled their creative talent and are working on an internet video show
If you think the trailer is out there, just wait for the show

Shred The Gnar trailer

Loaded Tan Tien
Reviews, Videos, No Stock

I did a quick Tan Tien review this week, well it was suppose to be a quick review but I just kept writing.
Great Tan Tien video from Spain Tan Tien in Barcelona by Aleix

News from the Australian distributor is not good. Australia has run out of Tan Tiens, Loaded in California are having supply issues, so it will be another 4 weeks until we get a top up of Tan Tien boards. What we have in stock is all we have, as of writing we had 5 decks left.
Dervish, otang wheels and gloves are all in Australia at good stock levels.

Rayne Vendetta
We're best friends with Jacko

We all have to be best friends with Jacko, he has a Vendetta on the way before everyone else. He'll be setting up that bad boy and sipping from it like he's at a ladies luncheon tea party. He is getting soft I tell you.
I'll make him crayon some words on the experience, so keep checking the blog.
Did you see his Stalker review part 2 ?

More stock coming

The next installment of Landyachtz stock will be here in 10 days. The 9-two-5's sold out first weekend at the Hopshop, and that was to customers only, no staff got one, boooo. There are plenty more arriving, and we will be setting up a hopshop demo board. The groms were asking about our demo boards the other day, who owns them, why do you let us skate on them? That's the point of skateshop, we have decks that you can try out, nothing is sacred in our shop, hang out, skate our boards, lose some skin.

Did you see we have the Grom race back in stock? I set one up for my daughter on the weekend, she is seven. Perfect size, it has pink randals, pink 66mm sick sick wheels. We might even get a review out of her for next week.

Yes you read right, Pink Randals are BACK!!!! And so is the Pink Dervish. If you have been waiting on these to come back, jump on it quick, we have limited pink trucks.

Hopshop says: Get active in your local longboard scene, if there is not one then build one.

Thanks for reading,

No 14, 2010

Skate Blog

Meet the people that run skateboarding in Australia

Haggy and the Broadway Bomb

Rob McWinnie wins in Peru

Red Bull Downhill Night Sessions

Tan Tien review

North Side Slashin

Gullwing Stalker review part 2

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