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Glyde Haymaker

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From the mouth of Aussie Pro Ben Hay himself...

About a year ago I was in Brisbane skating and chillin with the glyde crew. Amongst all the shredding I was fortunate enough to spend some time checking out the internal workings behind glyde longboards. Staying with Pete gave me a chance to see the finer points involved in biulding a downhill skateboard. After much discussion,a plan was hatched to design a board. Getting the opportunity to create somthing that was exactly what I wanted to ride was epic.

The board I was looking for was something that had a totally locked in feel whilst leaning ,turning, and sliding. I needed to eliminate any chance of my foot slipping out of place during a fast slide on grippy pavement. To acheive this the rear spoon cave was brought forward, slightly shortening the standing platform and bringin it up so it formed a gaspedal to keep your back foot from creeping back in a tuck. Combining nice lift on the rails and a moderate W cave that finishes at either end creating the sweetest pocket for your feet ever. The concave has to be stood on to believed. Designed for skaters who like to benefit from the concave rather than monkeytoeing it.

After the first proto, a few tweaks have been made and finally I can say that I'm stoked to call it my own. The Haymaker is a totally practical board, nothing inappropriate or unnecessary.

We worked with gold coast artist Jason Drawn on the graphic We used a theme based on my other passions, the ocean and fishing and no robbo, it isnt my wife Jess, its just a mermaid I once met.

So far the feedback has been great, the board is appealing to both downhill racers and freeriders for which it was designed.

Constructed from high quality bamboo and rock maple materials.


Length: 35.5"
Width: 10"
Wheelbase: 28.5"

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