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Gabriel Gwynne - Team Rider

Name: Gabe [aka. Grommet]


Where im from: Coogee, the valley of gnar.

My ride: A bitchen Sector 9 dog board. Half mongral half bitch

Favorite place to skate: Have to be Mt Kiera in Woollongong, it was the first proper run I skated and has always been my favourite place to shred with the boys.

What got me started: Sydney City Bomb Squad, learnt to skate in the gnarly carparks and streets of Sydney City.

Favorite skaters: Jackson Shapiera, that guy is so cool omg.

Sponsors: Sector 9, Hopkin Skate

Goals: To skate down gnarly hills with gnarly skaters. Hopefully ill be able to make it to Danger Bay, and maybe even the Europe tour this year.






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