Mini Cruisers

Mini Cruisers
Early Locked in mini
The mini skateboard to rule all others

Early Noodle Tech Slider
Not downhill, not freeride, not tech slider - it is a Noodle that can do it all

Element Boar Onward Complete

Set up like a longbaord with soft wheels to make running over skooter kids easier

Element Mamba Onward Complete

Great as a cruiser, as city slasher, or a shorter longboard, get some old school in yeah quiver

Market price: $199.00 save 50%
Sector Nine Alternative Energy Vehicle Longboard

Push dont polute, take anywhere, skate everywhere kinda longboard

Sector Nine Backlash Cruiser

30.5 inches long, 8 inches wide, this is a skateboard with longboard wheels! You can skate anywhere on this one.

Sector Nine Floater Comp 2014 mini cruiser

Pocket rocket, fish tail, mini

Sector Nine Joel Tudor old school skateboard in blue

New colour for one of our favourite boards - you can do everything on this - cruise to the skatebaord and then rip it up

Sector Nine Joel Tudor rasta old school shape skateboard

One our best sellers - Joel put this board together as a go anywhere, do anything, but just relax and skate board! He designed it, you enjoy it.

Sector Nine Lava Flow Abel mini cruiser

Nice surfboard shape mini cruiser, ready to go out of the box!

Sector Nine Monster Mini Raglan Cruiser Skateboard

Dont believe the photo, this board is short and wide. Mini cruiser for those with big feet!

Sector Nine Shoots Bamboo surfing mini longboard

The most spectacular mini longbaord ever made. This pocket rocket will move like a surfboard but roll like a skateboard - truely the most fun you can have when the waves are flat. 

Sector Nine Snapper mini longboard

On the bigger end of a mini longboard at 34 inch long, in a classic swallow tail surfboard shape

Sector Nine Soup Bowls Cruiser

The perfect shaped mini cruiser

Sector Nine The 83 Cruiser Skateboard

Get retro, get fluro, and skated it like its 1983

Arbor Shakedown 32 Complete

The new Arbor Woody is a classic seven ply maple skateboard deck that comes in an assortment of colors and includes 3" Freeride Trucks and 59 mm Freeride Wheels.

Arbor Woodie Mini Red Complete

The new Arbor Woody is a classic seven ply maple skateboard deck that comes in an assortment of colors and includes 3" Freeride Trucks and 59 mm Freeride Wheels.

G&S Magic Fish Green
Retro radness straight out of the 70s

G&S Warp Tail Red fade
Retro radness straight out of the 70s

G&S Winger Red
24" of complete retro awesomeness

Gremmie Captain mini Complete
5.5 ruckus trucks,

abec 3 bearings

Ladera Clipper Mini Complete

Cut some wind on this 29"x7.75" Clipper

Ladera Surf Rat Mini Complete
Get barreled with a new graphic on our famous Temple shape. One of our most functional minis, with a steep kick tail and a nose kick just enough to lock you into the pockets. Cut from a street deck mold, this ultimate surf skate loves beer runs, banks, ditches and everything in between. Art by Kevin Walsh, original hand painted with paint pens on surfboard.

Ladera Temple Mini Complete
A revised version of Laderas popular Surf and Turf mini skateboard, the Temple has a classic 70s shape along with generous concave, nose-kick and a tail.

Landyachtz Dingy 26.25" x 7"
Classic Dingy graphic and shape, there is always a time and place for this mini

Landyachtz Pocket Knife
The Canadian pocket rocket, can do anything deck

Lush Shrapler Cruiser Complete

To "Shralp" is an ancient skateboard saying of yesteryear meaning to Rip, Tear or Shred it up.. "The Shralper" Is built just for such activities. Compact but still ollieable, Super responsive truck set up for tight turns and slashes.

Madrid Runt Roots Mini Complete
Even though the Runt is the smallest of the litter, this awesome design is small enough to bite any skate surface. With a 29 length, 7.875 width, and 14 wheelbase, the Runt is perfect for getting you where you need to be in style. And it fits in your locker too!

Powell Peralta Mini Skull and Sword Blue Skateboard Complete

For all those old school shredders.

Powell-Peralta Mini Ripper Grey Skateboard Complete

Awesome mini skateboard for any young ripper

Powell-Peralta Mini Ripper Purple skateboard Complete

Awesome mini skateboard for any young ripper

Riviera Conjured Spirits Mini Complete Skateboard

A small mini to shred the back alleys with

Riviera Fish Stick Mini Complete Skateboard
This board was designed with the street skating, concrete surfing, park carving individual in mind.

Riviera It's Alive Complete Skateboard

“It’s Alive” will possess your mind and take your skating abilities into the next dimension without you even knowing so. Jump on this little skate and chase the skate demons all the way to the beach, it will make your life at least 200% better, guaranteed.

Riviera Jellies Mini Complete Skateboard
This shape was born from generations of inspiration and should be considered the perfect cross between cruiser and transition killer. Take it to the streets, hills, parks, mini ramps and backyard bowls near you to let it do its thing under your feet and under your control!

Riviera Lost Soul Mini Complete Skateboard

Our Lost Soul board is the perfect board to keep with you everywhere you go.  It’s not quite a full street board and not quite a cruiser, but has the best qualities from both categories.  We’ve put the new Paris 129 street trucks on this board to give you the opportunity to rip this board in pools, on ramps, at skateparks and through the streets and alley ways of your dreams.  Fully street ready with a touch of cruise for your Soul to get Lost.  ‘WISE’ made sure you’d love it at first glance too!