Longboard decks have a new category right here. Choose a deck or turn it into a complete longboard delivered to you ready to skate. If you choose all the components (trucks, wheels, bearings, grip and bolts) it will be assembled the way we put together our own boards, extra care and bonus items like bearing spacers and protector risers if needed.
Airflow C81 Foamcore

Uncompromising racing machine for slalom or a unique freeride deck like no other!

Early Bamboo Riser

The Bamboo Riser has been designed & tested by the Early Team as super Cruisy style with a mix of Bamboo & maple to give unique flex response.

Early Noodle Tech Slider
Not downhill, not freeride, not tech slider - it is a Noodle that can do it all

Early TB Pro Model
The TB Pro Model has been designed by Norwegian

Team rider Torborn Sunde as a short wheel base top mount with
ultra concaves for heavy foot hold on high speed
racing and free ride sliding.

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Early TB Pro Model deck only
36.7 x 10.4 concaves and gripa added to seat belt you in for the ride

Early Arift

Old school downhill wood for all comers - click and read more

Erik Abel art on a Sector Nine yellow Paradiso Longboard

Excellent board to cruise and push on, perfect for learners as it is lower to the ground, or make a good push n commute board

Sector Nine Alternative Energy Vehicle Longboard

Push dont polute, take anywhere, skate everywhere kinda longboard

Sector Nine Chamber Longboard

34 inches long, this is a tight longboard designed to give you that surf style feeling, slashes, cutbacks and ultra carvy, its a skateboard that feels like a surfboard

Sector Nine Faultline longboard

Not Downhill Division, but should be! Serious freeride and downhill machine

Sector Nine Fiji Cruiser

More laid back than a breeze thru the trees, perfect board to chill on, communte to check the waves, or carve a local hill.

Sector Nine G-land Bamboo Cp Longboard

44 inch long, big gun pintali bamboo longboard

Sector Nine Hot Steppa Sidewinder Longboard

Small like a skateboard, rides like a longboard, feels like a surfboard...uses sindewinder trucks

Sector Nine Ireland Bamboo Longboard

Classic surf inspired longbaord, perfect for easy longbaording or to learn on

Sector Nine Mini Daisy freeride longboard green

This is one of the best boards in the current lineup, at $280 it is a steal!!

Sector Nine Mini Daisy freeriding longboard in yellow

This is one of the best lonboards you can buy today, and it is priced cheap!!

Sector Nine Raw Longboard Cruiser

Save a tree and ride a weed

Sector Nine Rocker Downhill Division longboard

Inspired by one of Jacko's cut down DHD decks, the Rocker is everythign you want your next board to be...monsterly freeriding

Sector Nine Sentinel Bamboo Longboard

Crank out ya surf moves on this sidewinder complete, it is lowered, makes it easier to commute or do long skates

Sector Nine Shoots Bamboo surfing mini longboard

The most spectacular mini longbaord ever made. This pocket rocket will move like a surfboard but roll like a skateboard - truely the most fun you can have when the waves are flat. 

Sector Nine Snapper mini longboard

On the bigger end of a mini longboard at 34 inch long, in a classic swallow tail surfboard shape

Sector Nine Striker longboard

If I could only take one board to the beach...

Sector Nine Tempest in yellow

Dont be yella, anyone can skateboard on this board

Sector Nine Tempest Longboard in red

Classic cut out shape with sidewinder trucks

Sector Nine Tudor Gym Longboard

Joel Tutor longboard, for those that need a bigger chopping bowl

Sector 9 Downhill Divison Brandy longboard deck
A strong liquor or your next longboard? Length 40" and Width 10.25".

Market price: $199.99 save 25%
Sector 9 Downhill Divison Daisy longboard deck
The first single kick board in the Downhill Division lineup

Sector 9 Downhill Divison Lacey longboard deck
If Skatie Katie was a deck, she'd be a Lacey. Length 38.0" and Width 10.25".

Sector 9 Downhill Divison Natasha longboard deck
The only drop through deck in the Downhill Division.

Sector 9 Downhill Divison Tiffany longboard deck

The new Scoot Smith signature pro model

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Sector 9 Eye Dropper Green Complete Longboard
With drop-through truck mountings and a 5/8'' drop rocker the Eye Dropper lowers the center of gravity making it easier to slide the board sideways along with an increased stability. With a nose and tail kick, freestyle maneuvers and slow speed maneuverability are right where you need them.

Airflow Around the World longboard

The «Around the World» is a topmount trick longboard with nose and tail. All you need to goof around! The standing platform is slightly dropped and features a smooth rockered 3D concave. No matter if your into tricks, freeriding or cruising, the «Around the World» gets you going...

Market price: $225.00 save 27%
Arbor Backlash Longboard Deck

The new Arbor Backlash is a downhill board design that features a truly functional kicktail. The design also utilizes a 24” rockered platform, partially flush-mounted trucks to maintain turning angle while providing superior slide control, and a three-inch nose. No limits - bomb, flip, slide - whatever.

Arbor Cypher Longboard Deck

The Arbor Cypher is a drop-through downhill board designed to get sideways with lots of features to help you stay that way.

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Arbor Highground Longboard Deck

The Arbor Highground is a tapered topmount downhill board that was designed to be a force on the racecourse

Arbor Shakedown 36

The Arbor Shakedown is a hybrid design for skating everything: street, park, cruiser lines, distance, slopes. The range of utilitarian shapes delivers true versatility with options - size up for speed, down for tricks. Find the right length and wheelbase for your stance, style, or target terrain range.

Arbor Vugenhausen

The weapon of choice for team riders James Kelly and Kelly Carter

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Banks Deathstick

New school racing, old school death

Market price: $235.00 save 45%
Bhangra flex 1 dancer freestyle longboard
The Dancer re-designed to a more compact dancing/freestyle board that you can do everything on.