Kahalani Trucks 184mm

Kahalani Trucks 184mm

RRP: $415.00

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Kahalani trucks were originally designed by Dan Åhlström (Kahalani boards), in 2001. The trucks are produced in Sweden with the goal to make a low, light, and stable precision truck that also had great turning ability. The truck was designed to master the most technical race courses and the highest speeds. In both 2002 and 2003, the truck was race-tested at the legendary Hot Heels World Championships in Kaunertal, Austria.

The Kahalani truck has been designed to suit every rider’s needs. Whether you are an experienced extreme downhill skateboarder, a city cruiser or just a beginner – the Kahalani truck should be your choice.

The “wear and tear parts” of the Kahalani trucks fit normal skateboard standards – meaning you will not have to look further than to your local skate shop for any spare parts you might need.

Width: 184mm
Angle: 45
Axles: 8mm
Weight: 428 gram/truck


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