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Comet Voodoo D2

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The Voodoo D2, the successor to the Doll, is the only symmetrical board in the Voodoo line. The D2 reverses direction like a squid in warm water. Whichever direction you choose, expect that same Voodoo stability that redefined top mount speed boards over a decade ago.Immerse yourself into the zone with this mirrored deck which has more tentacle goodness the ever before . Do you ride natural / fakey / not sure which direction you want to go, doesn't matter on the Comet Voodoo D2 as it will accommodate any style and add a taste of steeze to your ability.Built solid as f@ck with maples sourced from secret forests in Canada set aside for Comets exclusive decks means your riding something very special indeed. Go get one.

Length: 36"
Width: 10.25"
Wheelbase: 28.75/26.25"
Rocker: .5"
Concave: .5"

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