Most skaters know Tom Edstrand, 2005 World Cup Champion, co-founder of Landyachtz, commonly referred to as meatball. Many don't know Mike Perreten, co-founder of Landyachtz and an important part of Landyachtz history What I love about LY is history is important but it is not what they focus on. All those early elements that made [...]

If you are not a subscriber to the Hopshop newsletter, you might not know we have made a few changes on the Hopkin website. Yes, we have a new template. If it is not working for you, please refresh your browser, your cache, and last resort delete cookies in your browser settings. We have a [...]

Everyone loved the last Globe sale, so I thought I'd blog about their current sale. They are calling it the End Of Summer Clearance Sale. End of summer in most places in Australia means start of skate season. When it is 30+ degrees, 80% humidity, skateboarding or longboarding can be a hot and sweaty business. [...]

Looks like I'm not doing BtB part two blog today, but I'm posting about the Facebook controversy that is Go Skate Longboard vs Hopkin Skate. As a skateshop, you always hear about a new competitor from your customers. Skaters usually put it like this: I can buy these cheaper at XXX, you're ripping me off. [...]

A few friends noticed a new template turn up this week on the Hopkin website. We snuck it up on Wednesday. The picture gives it away, it is the new mobile version of Hopkin.com.au. There no specific link, now if you browser to our website with a smartphone (iPhone/android) it will default to the new [...]

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