New Loaded Longboards for 2010

It is hard to get information about when new boards will be available from Loaded.

There is a good reason, they are always out skating, testing, and eating chocolate bars. Loaded take their time to prototype, test and revise, to get a product right. We spend our hard earned cash on a Loaded Board, so they want to make sure you love every minute from when you first step on it. The result is a slap in the face with a fish, something you’ll never forget, a ride to waken the senses.

Adam Colton, this week in the Loaded Newsletter, outlined a roadmap for new products. There were no release dates, vague on details, but a tantalizing taste of what is to come. Start saving, here are the boards that are in the Loaded pipeline.

The three boards he talked about this week were: Tan Tien, Dancer version 2 and a speedboard.

Tan Tien

The Tan Tien will be available soon, as it has been in prototype the longest. Release date is unofficially March 2010.
This is not a replacement for the Dervish longboard but best described as a mini Dervish. 38 or 39 inch in length, a shorter wheelbase, which should all make it more maneuverable, easier to slide, better to commute. Nose and tail will be more functional making tricks a bit easier.
What we do know is there will be different flex patterns and it has now gone into production.

Dancer v2

There have been rumours of a new Dancer longboard in the works. This week Adam confirmed the first prototype has arrived for him to start testing. There is very little detail to go on, more information will be released in the next few months. I would expect a slightly shorter deck, and moon rocks in the grip.


Do not get too excited on this one. It will be a long time coming. Still fun to speculate. Keen viewers of Loaded videos would have noticed a few  mystery boards being skated. Maybe there have been speedboard prototypes out and about for a while? All we know is that Loaded have said they are going to pursue a deck for the downhill and freeride market. Makes sense, they have some of the fastest skaters on the planet in their combined Loaded/Orangatang teams.
Official word is: Drawings have been completed and preliminary design is in motion.
Reality is 2011.

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