Brennan Bast is one of Australia's fastest downhill skaters, and one of the most down to earth people you will ever meet. Last month while skating in Queensland he had a bad crash and fractured three of his vertebrae. If you want to read the full details, go to Adam Yates GoFundMe campaign. The deal [...]

Cloud Ride wheels are running a competition at the moment, and New Zealand skater James Robertson has managed to get himself as one of the top three photos! (his photo is number one) You have 12 hours to vote him up. Voting ends around 9am on Friday May 13th (Australian time) or the afternoon  of [...]

Here's an interesting find. I zipped out to a back street in Canterbury Bankstown early one Sunday morning a while back in my only true love. I had been told by a Melbourne collector that there was a add on Gumtree for a fibreglass Aquarius ?? skateboard for sale.    I arrived at 7.30am because the person [...]

After displaying my basic Bennett made skateboard collection at the 2014 Old Mal Day on the grounds of Bennett Surfboards in Brookvale I had an enquiry from an old guy who was looking at my collection & asked why I didn't have an example of an old Bennett made skateboard using the classic large diamond shaped BB [...]

The Plastic BIGFOOT ?

The BIG question really is who wouldn't want to ride one of these psycho looking boards on the street ? This plastic skateboard from the mid 1970's is a very rare US made board and the only plastic skateboard I ever wanted, mostly because of its iconic surfers bare foot shape and brilliant orange colour. I also remember as [...]

After a brief discussion over the phone with Greg Bennett at Bennett Surfboards I decided to go to go and visit Greg at the showroom in Brookvale with a few fibreglass skateboards from my collection. I wanted to clearly find out what boards they made back in the 1970s. We spoke for about an hour about the different models they [...]

Douglas da Silva, aka Dalua is a beast of a downhill skateboarder. For years he has been terrorising riders on race tracks all over the world, he is feared amongst all as the ultimate competitor with a monster push. He has been around the world more times than you can fart in a minute and [...]

Aussie Skateboard Collecting (ASC) group has organised a Swap Meet for Sunday 20th March 2016 11am to 4pm. Location is Warringah Golf Club, 397 Condamine Street, North Manly. ASC is one of the best Facebook groups for those into collecting skateboards. All eras are represented, some of the most passionate skaters from around the world [...]

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